Noob wall destruction

  • I dislike the new change of, when being in protection phase, all "noob walls" being destructed, once you attack one of them. Instead, it should open this specific exit, but leave all the others untouched. This gives you more tactical control when spawning at a new location.

  • Agree on that feature.
    The wall is buggy tho. I respawned (in the same room as I was before) and instead of 3 days, it disappeared after like 15 hours.

  • My opinion: For the purpose behind newbie walls, I think the setup of the system is fine. You aren't supposed to use the newbie walls as a basis for defense, they are just a way to get you a grace period to get your scripts running, and to upgrade enough to build your own walls.

    To answer intrrp: The newbie walls are setup differently for new players and respawns. New players are given a large amount of ticks on their newbie walls to allow them to use the first 6-8 days to get their scripts in place and written. If they choose to knock them down early, they still have whatever time was left on them when they knock them down. So if they respawn, they have the remainder of the 6-8 days to restart. Once a player has burned through the given ticks, all new respawns only have newbie walls for a limited number of ticks. Longer time players do not need as much time to ready a script and defense. So the 2nd newbie walls are short term.

    I believe this is a fair way to do things. And keeps in line with the idea behind your own script defending your room, not the free walls given to allow new players an acclimation time.