• I just had a brainfart - we need to write and RFC for screep-based messaging system and submit to the IETF. Look at RFC 2549 for inspiration.
    Basic idea is that, energy-carrying creeps are used to carry messages - creep energy level is used to carry the message header and content.
    There could be variations of messages - simple ones with one-to-one energy-level to ASCII code conversion and complex ones with compressed data. Packet order could be determined by the screep movement vectors or could be a part of the energy level.

    We also need a catchy name for the messaging protocol - please submit yours in the comments below. Current working title is Creep Encoded Messaging Energy Network Transport.

    I'll start:

    A standard for the Transmission of textual information on creeps.

    Status of this Memo

    This memo defines an Experimental Protocol for the Screeps
    Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested.
    Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


    This memo defines a way for sending and receiving messages between overlords of the creeps in the game Screeps.


  • I did not understood your intention. 😄