Walling In Source Keeper Spawns

  • I've noticed that some players have walled in the source keeper spawns. Does this actually work? How long do the walls last?

  • Walling in the source keepers works just fine. They're lazy so they won't attack the walls(which they should in my opinion, they should be made more claustrophobic and fight their way out) but they will attack any creeps within their attack range. Walls and/or ramparts won't block ranged attacks so any creep not walking on a rampart will be hit.

    But it will keep the source keepers from going out from his lair. Especially if the source is outside the attack range of the keeper it'll save you the hassle of having to kill it every 300 ticks. I sealed it in, marked the area around it as impassible for trucks/miners and never have to bother dealing with it.

  • I've also seen people build a wall in all cells adjacent to the spawn point. Does this prevent the creeps from spawning entirely?

  • See this post for more discussion on the subject.

    And no, the keepers will spawn even if they can't leave their spawn. I have one of the keepers in my room (W13S11, bottom left of the map) sealed it and it will still spawn, just can't leave its lair. You can only attack the keeper with ranged attack when he's on the lair, I tried with short range attack and that had no effects.

  • @Toolmaker, you actually are able to attack the keepers, while they are standing on their lair. I do that myself and have others seen doing it as well. Maybe it's a bug in your code?

  • Probably. I should debug it a bit soon, after I finished writing code to expand into a new room and construct roads.