Source keeper...what is that?

  • Which is the role of the source keeper? is there anything in the ducumentation about it?

  • You can find more information on the Source Keepers in this post.

    In short: Source Keepers guard sources in maps. Every room has up to TWO unprotected sources which are freely accessible by your creeps without being hindered. If your room has more than 2 sources the remaining sources will have a Keeper Lair within 5 tiles which will spawn Keepers. The keepers follow the same lifecycle as your creeps(they live only 30 minutes) and have a mission to keep you from accessing the source's energy. In order to get to the source you will have to kill the keeper and kill it after it respawns after 300 ticks.

    It is lazy so it won't stray far from its source and will not bother to follow your creeps but it will attack any creeps that is near the source. Once killed it will drop energy which you can pickup. If you intend to mine those sources(which is advisable) you should build protective ramparts around the source to protect your miners and trucks.

  • All clear, thanks!