Upgrade Points Not Counting?

  • Being the nosy neighbor that I am, I looked up one of my neighbors and their ranking, Riveczka, 147 in september. But I can say for a fact that I have watched his upgraders upgrade more than 40 points so far this season, just now in the last 2 minutes, I watched a creep grab 200 energy and pump it into the room controller. Not sure why his numbers aren't rising on the leaderboard though.

    A concerned Neighbor

  • Probably, the rankings will be increased by cron and not every tick i think. Just wait a hour or a day.
    Don't worry, u will get your points 😉

  • sscholl, you misunderstand, i've been checking since I caught it yesterday, and he has been consistently upgrading, but no points are going to his GCL or leaderboard. It is quite strange.

  • Oh, you are right. That looks like a bug!