claiming an abandoned room

  • do I need to remove someones abandoned base and build a spawn before claiming the room controller? it says the room is available, but the guy has several buildings that are all deactivated.. also can someone maybe give me an example of how to tell my scout to go over there via flag or share their scout role code they use when first starting to take over a new room? also.... the room is 3 entrances away.. i know my guy prob wont last very long, is it better to send several with high movement and very little carry?

  • There's no point having more than half your creep be MOVE parts.

    You don't need to remove existing structures before claiming, but the existing structures do count towards the room limit, so you won't be able to build a spawn if there already is one for example.

    For claiming empty rooms I usually just sent a 1 MOVE 1 CLAIM creep to claim the controller along with the largest worker I can make to go build the first spawn.

    You can still do moveTo(flag.pos) for flags which aren't in visible rooms.

  • Once you have claimed the room, you are able to destroy() any structure in the room whether or not it is owned by you. So there is no point in removing the structures before claiming unless they are blocking the controller.

  • Thank you guys, this was very helpful! 🙂