UI shows stored resources in random order

  • The stored resources list in the UI currently shows resources in a completely random order that differs between structures and rooms. It's probably based on insertion order:


    Can we please get this in a sensible order? Even if it was in alphabetical order that would be a major improvement. It's not totally ideal, mainly because of the commodity names, but it would definitely be better than the random mess we currently have.

    Personally I think the resource constants should be changed to create a sensible ordering. The commodities should have been given constants like mist, mist-T0, mist-T1, etc. instead of mist, condensate, concentrate, extract, etc. The bars should have constants like H-bar, X-bar, instead of reductant, purifier, etc. The way they've been named is just a mistake that leaves the resource namespace in a complete mess.

    This make such a mess of my stats output that I had to add a RESOURCE_ALIASES map to convert the default names to something more sensible.