Incorrect rendering order - roads are drawn on top of everything (creeps, containers, etc)

  • I often find that the UI is rendering roads on top of other objects (creeps, containers, etc) like this:


    When this happens it affects the entire room, so all roads are drawn incorrectly. Changing to another room doesn't fix it - in fact, all rooms will have the same problem. Going into the display options and clicking OK doesn't fix it, but refreshing usually does.

    Chrome 75.0.3770.100 on Linux (Debian 9) 64-bit. Hardware acceleration is enabled, graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 610.

  • Yeah. I sometimes got the same issue.

  • I think there’s another thread on this issue that got lost.

    I wonder if it’s caused by a race condition somewhere in the renderer, although I don’t know for sure.

  • Dev Team

    @systemparadox If you find a reliable way to reproduce the issue, please let us know (we failed to reproduce it, although I see it from time to time)

  • Calling out that I see it too, I'll see if I can notice a pattern to it.


  • One strange thing I noticed is the roads seem to be highlighted. I initially thought it was just because of alpha blending but that doesn't seem to fit as it's exactly the same colour across the different parts of the creep.



  • @o4kapuk I've noticed that I'm getting a couple of these messages in the console for each room I look at:

    [.WebGL-0x223445f49c00] GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Feedback loop formed between Framebuffer and active Texture

    This would explain the issues, if screeps is using some sort of render-texture and there's a loop then I can definitely see how it would cause this problem with rendering order.

    Additionally, there's another issue that's even more annoying which I'm noticing more and more lately - sometimes some structures are invisible in certain rooms. It only seems to affect complex structures like storage, factory, terminal, labs and nuker, and I've only noticed it for structures under ramparts. I think this is the same bug manifesting in different ways. They momentarily become visible when zooming in/out, but it's just a brief flicker and then they're gone again. As with roads, it seems to persist after navigating to other rooms and across a full refresh and even after closing the browser. Again, an issue with a texture loop would seem to explain this.

  • Just seen the issue here!/history/shardSeason/E28S19?t=2407645, the terminal became invisible when the rampart over the tower was destroyed. If you go back a bit in the history you'll see that one of the towers also went invisible. It seems to change when ramparts are removed.

    Only happened in Chrome on Linux. Firefox on Linux was fine, as was the steam client. Chrome on Windows was fine, even on the same machine. Issue persists after a restart.

    I will try and find a test case on the main server to see if anyone else sees the issue at the same time.