Add a static flag to room visuals OR the ability to set a raw string.

  • What is the goal?

    • A simple efficient way to display static data on the client

    Use case?

    • Well all static debug data like infrastructure planning etc.

    How to could we achieve that:

    • A static flag on room visuals
    • The ability to directly set the raw string of the serialized output from a RoomVisual object (memory buffered)

    What's the difference between the two?

    • static flag
      • Pro: Allows easy caching on the server side to send it only once to the client like loading the room
      • Con: Requires changes to both server and client side
    • set raw
      • Pro: very flexible to use
      • Pro: only a server side change
      • Con: eats memory
      • Con: eats server bandwidth


    wtfrank noted that to know which rooms are subscribed is also a useful information i.e. RoomVisual.subscribed or Game.getSubscribedRooms()

    Please insert input below 😄

  • So I find visuals are quite expensive, particularly because they are rendered for all rooms regardless of whether you are looking at the room, or even logged on.

    It would be interesting to me if our AIs could be told which room(s) our client was viewing, and then we could choose to render visuals for that room only.

  • Hmm since there could be multiple rooms something like RoomVisual.subscribed or Game.getSubscribedRooms() would be nice indeed.