Intro to fsociety's history

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    We were once apart of a new oppressive alliance(OA) that spoke of unity & democracy but taught divisiveness & elitism. As many members found courage with their fellow oppressed, one by one they quickly reformed under a new banner... "fsociety."

    This new banner and restored faith boosted its members to a new found level of spirit. Knowing war with our old OA was on the brink, we prepared for the four days we had before our first 9x9 section dropped to grey.

    As the first zone opened, two of our members activated our enemies last safe mode and reinforced themselves for the coming storm. With 10k ticks of safe mode left, the enemy sent waves and waves of attacks to test and probe our defenses for over 6 hours.

    Clever planning and strategic strikes at reinforcements at the old OA allowed our members to hold out until the enemy was finally mortal again. With our enemy unprotected and under cooldown, our members sent their full force to wipe out the leader and were able to force his respawn!

    With the leader disposed of, we hope this will bring peace and stability to the region.


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