Not Enough Extensions?

  • If I call createCreep and get ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_EXTENSIONS back, how can I tell how many extensions I need?

    Also, can you explain anything else I should know about extensions? I haven't found them described anywhere.

  • @avdg_ That's somewhat helpful, thanks. I'm not clear on the cost of spawning a creep with more than five body parts, though. That article says, "During the spawning of a creep each spawn extension consumes energy the same was as the spawn does, but on a fixed basis: 200 units of energy per 1 extension." Is this 200 energy per extension in addition to the normal cost of the body parts of the creep? Or does it replace the cost of some body parts? E.g. a creep with 5 TOUGH parts and nothing else costs 100 energy. If I build one with 6 TOUGH parts, how much will it cost? 300? 320? If the Extension has no energy in it, will it take the 200 from the Spawn instead? If not, what will the error be? Does the extension spend 200 energy even if I create a creep with only 5 parts? If I have two extensions and create a creep with 6 parts, which extension will spend 200 energy?

  • Yes, it is in addition for each part as far as I know (I don't really have tested it though). It takes all it energy from whats inside (what is required to build that extra part), so if an extension doesn't have enough energy and you need that extension to build enough body parts it will fail building the creep.

    Though the TOUGH elements don't take any body parts slot in the calculations though... just in case you didn't know 🙂