World runs extremely slow again

  • The world once again runs extremely slow, this morning it took over 5 hours for 3600 ticks... ?? Also, the CPU usage is very inconsistent, ranging from 10 to 272, with 50 avg, while before the architectural changes i was at avg <40 with a maximum below 180 99% of the time. TicksAboveMax also nearly doubled.

    All this happened without changes to my code.

    startTick   :   2154684
    startTime   :   Thu Sep 24 2015 02:32:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)
    endTick :   2158191
    endTime :   Thu Sep 24 2015 08:19:33 GMT+0000 (UTC)
    ticks   :   3600    
    ticksAboveMax   :   1367
    avg :   50.0
    max :   272 
    min :   10
    cyclesSkipped   :   228

  • I second this, and can verify. I started the day with a CPU limit of 63 and haven't made any changes to my code, now I am at 80 and averaging 82. So i've seen a 30% increase in my cpu for the day, and with the slow ticks, i'm wasting cpu credits on less than half the normal amount of ticks we get to a credit.

    I can understand the architecture changes are causing issues, and the twitter post was a great way to get the news out. Just wanted to point out though, that due to this, i'm using more than normal cpu to keep running, and getting less than normal returns on my CPU limit investment. So getting some of that back after the issue is resolved would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yeah this is day 2 of slow ticks. Often 12+ seconds between them.

    An update on what's going on would be appreciated. I feel like the last two days of CPU credits have been a 90% waste. Any chance we could get those refunded, or something?

  • "Any chance we could get those refunded?"



    And thank you for the fix on the server.