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What is Screeps?

Screeps means “scripting creeps.” It’s an open-source sandbox MMO RTS game for programmers, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units’ AI. You control your colony by writing JavaScript which operate 24/7 in the single persistent real-time world filled by other players on par with you.

Scripting as Gameplay

Programmable Persistent World

  • Huge persistent world consisting of 70,000 interconnected game rooms.
  • 40-server cluster (160 CPU cores) processing player scripts using Node.js.
  • Programmable world living a continuous life 24/7 in real-time even when you're offline.

Open Source Sandbox

  • Engine released on GitHub as an open and moddable program platform.
  • You can change any aspect of game objects' behavior.
  • Contribute to the game engine development and earn in-game benefits.
It was fun while it lasted, and probably the best thing is that I really feel like my Javascript and Node fluency has gone through the roof compared to what it was.
Screeps is a fun game and has a unique angle to it. Using actual programming instead of a pseudo-language actually allows the players to focus on better coding habits and makes practice fun.
Justin Michael GameSkinny
We use Screeps as a key part of our recruitment process at fleetster. Screeps is useful because it throws candidates into an unknown environment where the number of "right" solutions are very numerous.
Anna Baumeister fleetster
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This package includes both your private server and 30 free days of CPU subscription trial on the official MMO server. After the 30 days period is over, you can continue playing on the official server, but your account will be limited to 10 CPU. To unlock full CPU, you have to order a subscription or use an in-game item called Subscription Token. Private and community-hosted servers are available without subscribing. Learn more

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