The world's first
MMO strategy sandbox game for programmers
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Scripting as gameplay

Screeps is about scripting your creeps. No point’n’clicking any longer! You write real JavaScript* which controls your units autonomously. Any time, everywhere, even while you are offline.
* Or any other language using compilers.

True strategy game

Units, base, mining resources, territory control, economy, manufacturing, transporting, logistics, reconnaissance – all the attributes of a real strategy game which you will have to… program!

MMO with a consistent, endless, open world

No shards, game realms and session match-ups: units of all players coexist in the same real-time persistent world and obey the same rules.

Your success depends on your intelligence rather than your wasted time

The better your scripts, the better your game — irrespective of the time played. Your creeps will mine, build, defend, and conquer as you just work, sleep, or walk your dog.

Easy to learn, hard to master

You can start without knowing JavaScript — only basic skills are required. However, if you are a pro developer, now is the chance to put your skills to the limit… in a game!
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